COVID-19 Antibody testing

We can now offer testing for Covid-19 antibodies. The test, which is approved by the MHRA is carried out in our pharmacy and has a 98.69% detection rate for antibodies. You will receive your results in ten minutes.

Please call to arrange an appointment. The price is: £69.

If you think you have had covid please wait 21 days after recovery before you take the test or 28 days if you have had contact with someone who has covid symptoms.

Frequently asked questions

Is the test approved by the NHS? 
The test is CE certified (which means that it complies with European standards) and has been approved by MHRA in March 2020 as long as used by a healthcare professional.

Is it the same test as the one the NHS uses?
No it is not the one used by the NHS. The one the nhs uses is made by a company called Roche and the main reason for not using the Biopanda test is because Biopanda is a small company and unable to produce the test in sufficient quantity for the British government (government needs 100,000 tests per day but Biopanda can only produce about 5,000 tests per day)

Is the test made in China? 
No it isn’t. It is made by a company called Biopanda which is a UK based company and is manufactured in the UK.

What do the results of the Biopanda test show? 
The tests detect both IgM and IgG antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID19) in human whole blood.
Are the Biopanda tests reliable?
Yes, very reliable.
In general, IgM antibodies appear a week after infection, and IgG antibodies appear two weeks after infection.
The test has a 99% sensitivity and a 98.6% accuracy

Could they give false results? 
As with any diagnostic test, there is the possibility of false-positive and negatives. This is no different to the RT-PCR test, which is the test being used by the NHS.
The BiopandaTest Kit instructions for use clearly state the possibility of false-positive and false-negative results, as well as the limitations of the test.
Other than using the test kit incorrectly the most likely reason for a false result will be if the test is used too early and the patient has not yet developed enough antibodies. Which is why we will only test patients who are symptoms free for more than 21 days or 28 days have elapsed since being in contact with a Covid-19 infested patient.
Why should I be tested?
It is widely believed that the use of antibody tests will play a critical role in any exit strategy from the current lockdown, which will enable people to get back to work safely as soon as possible.


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